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Ready for Adventure The tray top camper is all packed up and ready to go. With the convenience of not having to tow a trailer or a caravan, you can choose whatever destination you can imagine. Go exploring!
Kitchen and Storage This is a view of the left hand side of the camper after it has been opened up, giving access to the kitchen with additional storage. The door acts as shelter from the sun or light rain. Great for a roadside lunch stop!
Bedroom Upstairs there is a full queen size bed with an innerspring mattress for a good night’s sleep. There is storage for clothes and personal accessories, 12V lights and plenty of headroom to stand up inside. Very comfortable!
Take it off If you stay for a longer time in one place and want to free up your vehicle, you can easily take it off and still live in it. Great for storing the unit at home when it is not in use!
Lounge A backrest converts the bed into a couch. There is a fold out table and 2 x 12V DC power outlets for when you want to plug in your computer or perhaps watch a DVD. The insulated roof provides great all weather comfort. Nice place to be if the weather turns bad!
Home on Wheels With the annex out, the camper now has upstairs bedroom/sitting room and outdoor sheltered kitchen and dining area. A complete home!
Plenty of Storage The right hand side of the camper holds the 85 litre water tank, the jack up legs, the 12V battery and lots of storage for everything you might need on your trip. Bring all your gear!
No more cooking in the dark The kitchen is well lit with LED lights so you can make your dinner anytime!
Quick set up This set up only takes minutes and gives us all the comforts we want from a camper, and it is just as quick to close up!

A new concept in slide on tray top campers...




Hi there, we (Tim and Annika) would like you to look at this new prototype camper and tell us what you think. You can read more about our thoughts and the camper under the heading “The Camper Project” and the text by the photos above.

How did it all begin?

The idea came from our own need of a Tray-top camper unit. For the last two years, we have used a 4WD SUV towing a camper trailer throughout the QLD and NSW outback and found that there are many limitations when towing a caravan or camper trailer and often wished that we had an “all-in-one vehicle” instead.

The Camper ProjectThis website has been created in order to gather feedback on our camper project, so please use the contact us page to give us your thoughts.
Contact Information0408 200 483